Yonosuke Asagi
Current Status Alive
Race Human
Gender Male

Yonosuke Asagi is an inhabitant and de facto leader of the colony of Battleship Island.



Yonosuke is a brave and kind man. He once lost a leg while rescuing Yae's father when they were out on a journey. Even in Kenichi's journal he states that Yonosuke is the bravest man he ever knew; sacrificing his leg for the latter. He is also a great leader and has lead the people of Battleship Island, giving them hope for a brighter future despite the disparity of their situation.



Yonosuke's full appearance.

Yonosuke has messy light brown hair. He also has a goatee beard. He wears a black coat on top of a white vest. In addition to that he has black pants and a pair of gloves. He also uses a cane that resembles the sheathe of a sword. Yonosuke, in saving his good friend's life, lost his right leg, replaced by a wooden peg.

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