Yae Tokiro
Yae Tokiro profile picture (2).jpg
Current Status Alive
Family Kenichi Tokiro (Father, deceased)

Kae Tokiro (Grandmother)

Affiliation Sahara Sanjuro
Race Human
Gender Female
Manga Sahara

Yae Tokiro is the daughter of Kenichi Tokiro, a researcher on plant life. They travelled the world together and discovered many forests and groves. After his passing, she desires to take the ashes of her father back to his homeland.



Brave and determined, Yae is willing to do what every it takes to complete her goal of bringing the ashes of her father back to his homeland, "show[ing] him the view one more time." She is, however, not quick to trust, shown in her reluctance to take Sahara on as a companion.

Inherited from her father, Yae loves flowers and due to her adventures, believes there is still hope for nature to restore the world to its former state.


Yea's full appearance.

Yae has light coloured hair tied together with two ponytails behind her head. She wears a pair of black leggings and shorts. She also has a normal shirt and additionally on it she wears a coat with pockets. She also sports a helmet with goggles to protect her eyes from the sand and a pair of boots.

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