Sahara's Unique Tools

Fashion: Sword

The Flower Sword
Flower Sword Sheathed

The Flower Sword sheathed.

Sahara wields the Flower Sword, a shape-shifting sword that, upon unsheathing, can assume a variety of forms. Though, according to Sahara, the sword is not exactly fit to cut other people. Fitting his moniker, the sword abilities are aptly flower-themed. Each respective form allows for different feats.
Morning Glory
Flower Sword – Form of the Morning Glory: In this form, the Flower Sword becomes a whip, taking on the appearance of many leaves stacked upon each other. The whip is able extend great lengths and at an incredible rate; even capable of grasping onto a moving aircraft. Sahara skill with this form allowed him to force a massive automaton to its knees.
Dandelion form
Flower Sword – Form of the Dandelion: Upon transformation, the Flower Sword manifests large, puffy dandelions heads on its tip. The sword's cross guard also changes; turning into four jagged arrows pointing into the four cardinal directions.

This form allows Sahara to glide and maneuver through the air, having shown utilising this form to leap great heights and ensure a safe landing.

Flower Sword – Form of the Cherry Blossom: Taking on the form of a asymmetrical tuning fork styled with a petal design, Sahara is able to use this form of the Flower Sword to more directly attack his targets.

In this form, the sword is capable of dealing heavy damage to zombies. After each successful attack, zombies will manifest trees and other plant life upon their body. Once the target is defeated, its entire body will develop into a cluster of trees and other plants.

Flower Sword – Form of the Violets: When using this form the Flower Sword takes on a gun-like function. Starting off closed, the sword blooms open and fires out multiple thorns as bullets.

There seems to be a limit on how many thorns this form can shoot before running out and becoming incapable of firing.

Form of the bamboo
Flower Sword – Form of the Bamboo: In this form, the Flower Sword becomes a lance, taking on the appearance of a shoot of bamboo. The bamboo is able to extend in length and pierce multiple enemies with ease. Killing automated warriors in this form grows a bamboo forest instead of flowers and normal trees.

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