Kenichi Tokiro
Yae's father deathbed
Occupation Researcher
Current Status Deceased
Family Yae Tokiro (Daughter)

Kae Tokiro (Mother)

Race Human
Gender Male
Manga Ch. One: Sahara (Flashback)

Kenichi Tokiro, the father of Yae Tokiro is a researcher and explorer who dedicated his life to finding way of restoring the world to its previous state, before the Great War.


Yae mentioned that her father was born in the Valley of the World Tree. Having in life been a researcher of plant life, he and his daughter would travel across the world, finding and researching surviving flora. Before the events of the story, he died of an unknown cause.



Yae's father loved plant life and would travel with his daughter around the deserts in hope to find forests and plants. He was convinced that the earth was recovering and that one day the world might be sprucing with life once again. His homeland is where the Valley of the World Tree is located, the goal of Yae and Sahara's journey.


He had short and messy hair with the addition of a mustache and a goatee.


Though he was unable to show his daughter, Yae, his homeland, the Valley of the World Tree, he spoke much about it. This, along with his research, helped convey to his daughter that there is hope that nature will one day restore itself.

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