Aircraft Bandits
Aircraft Bandits.jpg
Classification Samurai
Current Status Disbanded
Race Human
Manga Ch. 01: Sahara



A group of bandits that tried hijack a aircraft that Sahara and Yae were on in Chapter One: Sahara. The group consists of a leader and ~8 members. They seem to be loosely inspired by Japanese samurai. The members of the group are not so skilled when compared to Sahara, every member that tried to attack him got one-shot in return.


They wear clothing in a samurai style fashion and the main choice of weapon for the group is a classical katana.


The leader of the Aircraft Bandits is a man with brown hair and a shortly groomed beard. He wears ragged clothing and has a thick belt around his waist. He then sports another smaller belt to hold up his katana sheath. He is looking for wealth through hijacking aircraft and stealing valuables from the passengers. His is ruthless and it is also shown when he doesn't bat an eye and even smiles when he gives the order to kill Sahara. He seems to have moderate skill with sword combat considering he is the leader of a group that is full of sword users.

Leader of the Aircraft Bandits

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